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Lamia has public transportation and provides the residents with frequent services to all places [tel 2231022122].

The itinerary University – Lamia runs every fifteen (15) minutes from 5:45 am until 22:45 pm. University location is also served by buses to destinations HOSPITAL – EVRITANES – ERGATIKES KATOIKIES – LYGARIA. The line’s starting point is at Parkou square in front of National Bank.


In the town of Lamia Radio Taxi services are also offered.  Major Radio Taxi ranks are Parkou Square , Laou Square, Amaleias Street , Fleming Street, Averof Street.

RADIO TAXI Lamia: 1300 and +3022310-34555


Trains – OSE

The city of Lamia has train routes by OSE through the Railway Station Lianokladi and the Local Station located inside the city.  The Station Lianokladi serves routes with directions “Athens – Thessaloniki” and “Athens – Volos” (plain train or Intercity).

Tickets may be bought at the agent or at the station Lianokladi [tel 22310-61061]. With a small charge, the OSE undertakes to carry passengers from the city of Lamia to Lianokladi Station.

To see the routes from Lianokladi Train Station visit the page: http://www.ose.gr/


KTEL Buses

The city of Lamia has access to intercity buses, either directly from Athens or Thessaloniki or from other cities. The intercity bus station is located at Taygetou Street.

KTEL Fthiotidos

ATHENS TEL +30210 8317147

TEL THES / NIKI +30231051 2444,   +302310 517324

Intercity Bus Station Lamia

ATHENS – THESSALONIKI, Patras +3022310  51345-6

ATALANTIS DOMOKOY +3022310  51347-8

STYLIDAS, VOLOU +3022310 22627

YPATIS, SPERCHEIADAS +3022310  51347-8

EVRYTANIAS +3022310 28955

Thessaly, Patras, Agrinio +3022310 22802

FOKIDAS +3022310 35494


For your stay in Lamia you can choose any of the following Hotels of Lamia: